Cancer After “The Nanny,” Uterine / Endometrial Cancer Signs, Symptoms and Prevention | Fran Drescher

Fran Drescher’s road to her uterine cancer diagnosis was not easy. It took Fran, best known for her role as Fran Fine in the hit sitcom The Nanny, two years and eight doctors to get the right diagnosis. 

Today Fran is cancer-free and on a mission to help other women be more aware of the early signs of cancer through her foundation, the Cancer Schmancer Movement.

***Resources Mentioned***
Cancer Schmancer by Fran Drescher
Detox your home pocket guide
Be The Change video for kids
Master Class Health Summit, November 2nd 2019


In This Episode:

Fran shares her own cancer story, the challenges she faced in getting a proper diagnosis and how she’s using her own experiences to educate and help others.

Fran opens up about her past traumas – what she believes caused her cancer, how she overcame these traumas, and what she’s doing now to keep her cancer from returning. 

Fran is incredibly funny, frank and very persuasive. You won’t want to miss this episode.

How’d you get into cancer?

  • Survived uterine cancer herself
  • Took 2 years and 8 doctors to get a proper diagnosis
  • Hormone replacement therapy exacerbated symptoms
  • Adenocarcinoma found through endometrial biopsy
  • Hysterectomy to remove the cancer

Problems with the medical system 

  • Doctors are too busy
  • Influenced by insurance companies to do the cheapest tests
  • If tests don’t show anything, talk you out of your symptoms
  • Need to know what tests to ask for. The best tests are often not even on the menu

A woman on a mission

  • Wrote a book called Cancer Schmancer to help others. A New York Times best seller
  • Set up Cancer Schmancer Movement
  • Educating people on the relationship between how we live and how we feel
  • Toxins in your home. The Check, Choose, Change Challenge
    • Check the labels
    • Choose organic
    • Change behaviour
  • What are you putting in your mouth? 
    • Avoid all industrofarmed food – full of hormones, agrochemicals, antibiotics
    • Supporting local organic farmers
    • Mass farming not helping the planet, you, your family, your pets
  • Biologic dentists – mouth / body connection
    • Each tooth connected to an energy meridiem in the body
  • What are you cleaning or gardening with?

We live in a ‘sick’ world

  • The woes of the world have one systemic malignancy – greed
  • Supported by mindless consumerism
  • If we make mindful choices we can drive more responsible manufacturing trends
  • What we buy or don’t buy is our vote and our protest
  • Overwhelming to think about the world’s problems. Focus on what you can change. It only takes 10% of a population to shift a paradigm
  • Education video for kids – Be the Change
  • We are brainwashed that making money and buying ‘stuff’ is more important that compassion or caring about the environment

Pre-diagnosis, is there anything that might have been driving the cancer?

  • Raped at gunpoint. Didn’t deal with it until 10 years later
  • Unless you allow yourself to feel and therefore release your pain, it will be stored somewhere in your body
  • Held onto a lot of guilt from childhood. Didn’t want to have children for a long time
  • Stress from work and marriage break down
  • Maybe it happened for a reason? Use celebrity to help others
  • Mind, body and spirit needs to be in balance. Out of balance we are susceptible to dis-ease

Was there anything that helped you deal with your pain

  • Buddhism. A great daily practice
  • Lifestyle choice, not a religion – but it can complement any religion
  • Teaches you to be present in your life
  • Meditation and being grounded to the earth – key to good health
  • Make a point of looking at the everyday, the mundane with child-like wonder

How are you keeping cancer away for the rest of your life

  • Food is medicine. The reverse is also true 
  • Stop supporting industrial farming
  • Stop using single use plastics
  • Clean up our homes
  • Consider WIFI, 5G etc as a disruptor to our energy field
    • WIFI is less than 20 years old. We don’t know the impact on ourselves or our environment
  • Use landlines with cords – not portable ones 
  • Who am I if not my word – you have to walk the talk which can be really hard
  • Keep improving along this journey of self refinement. But don’t make ‘perfect’ the enemy of the good. To err is human

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