Cancer never sleeps and neither do we (metaphorically of course… it’s actually a good idea to get a lot of quality sleep while fighting cancer – see #5 for more!).

Whether you’re healing yourself from cancer or caring for a loved one, if you’re anything like me you’re constantly dealing with the feeling that you’re not doing enough. Knowing that cancer fighting and healing is happening around the clock even while you sleep go a long ways in ameliorating that concern, and a long ways in healing cancer!

Here is a list of ways we’ve used to fight cancer all through the night!

1. Sleep on a BioMat

For the same reason we love our infrared sauna, we love getting infrared rays through the night to fight cancer. Mitochondrial stimulation, cellular detoxification, release of heat shock protein and an enhanced the immune system, and cancer cells’ vulnerability to heat are just some of the reasons we love the infrared rays from the BioMat! The BioMat also releases negative ions which have been shown to provide numerous health benefits of their own.

We lay the BioMat right in Ryder’s crib for him to sleep on throughout the night. When introducing any new therapy or supplement we always like to start very slow and work our way up which is why the controller comes in very handy in that we have incremental control of both the temperature and the length of time it is actively heating.

We also use the BioPillow which is designed to keep the head cool while the rest of the body heats and provide added negative ions to the head.

2. Sleep on an Earthing Mat

Right atop Ryder’s BioPillow lies an Earthing Mat. Earthing or grounding is the term for gaining new electrons from contact with the surface of the earth. For an in depth explanation of how important electrons are to health and to fight cancer, check out our article on the Budwig protocol.

Since you need to be touching it with your bare skin, we have it on Ryder’s pillow since his head and hands are the only areas not covered by his jammies and sleep sack. We ourselves sleep on an Earthing sheet, and I also have my feet on an earthing pad while I work (usually standing utilizing my homemade standing desk consisting of a bunch of stacked up cardboard boxes… sitting is the new smoking!).

3. Diffuse Essential Oils

Essential oils have stood the test of time for their numerous and varied health benefits, and now modern science is beginning to back them up as well. Numerous studies can be found on many essential oils with regard to cancer specifically.

While direct application on the skin at the area of concern and soles of the feet are our go to method of use throughout the day, diffusing the oils into the air at night provides a completely different way for the body to take in the oils through respiration. I position the diffuser a few feet away from and a bit above Ryder’s head to ensure he breathes in as much of the oil being diffused as possible.

While our favorite essential oil brand is unquestionably Be Young Total Health, I do really like our Young Living Aromalux Diffuser as it has individual settings for flow rate, diffusion time, intervals between diffusion time, and total on time because diffusing oils can get quite costly otherwise. The diffuser itself is on the pricey end as far as diffusers go and I imagine that some time spent searching on Amazon would yield one with the same capabilities for less cost. One thing to note in your search – for therapeutic purposes you want a nebulizing diffuser as opposed to an ultrasonic diffuser that utilizes water. The latter is fine for general health purposes but if you’re looking for maximum impact nebulizing style is the way to go.

4. Use a Rife Machine

If you follow the microbe theory of cancer then Rife technology would be considered to be an essential device to own. For those unfamiliar with Dr. Royal Rife and his inventions and contribution to cancer research, The Royal Rife Story documentary is a must watch. Note: we have tons of great cancer and health movies in our documentaries section!

As Rife technology utilizes a beam ray to project certain frequencies into the body to kill microbes and pathogens, the process involves sitting still for hours on end. This was certainly not conducive to application on a toddler while he was awake nor do most adults have time to sit in one place for that long which is why use while Ryder was sleeping made a whole lot of sense.

I stacked as many books on top of the amplifier as necessary to have the beam ray level with him when placed on top of them. While there are many options for Rife technology available, we chose the GB4000 as it is recommended by Cancer Tutor who has likely done more research into this area than just about anyone. The only annoying part about using the machine at night is there is no auto-off function and it starts beeping after an hour if you don’t turn it off (on the model we have at least) so you do have to get up in the middle of the night to turn it off. But you do what you have to!

5. Get a Deep, Restorative Sleep

A few things on this. First, we’ve all heard it before but I can’t stress enough how important it is for general health and to fight cancer NOT to go to bed on a full stomach. Sleep is time for the body to spend its energy healing and repairing. If that energy is being used on digestion a crucial component of healing is lost.

This is often easier said than done with busy schedules and is an area that we ourselves have only recently begun prioritizing, but when you’re intentional about how you spend your day I you can make just about anything you want happen. We eat an absolute minimum of one hour before bed and more optimally two to three.

For the deepest sleep, the absolute most important step to take after the time of your dinner is removing ALL light from the room. No night lights, no light coming in from the crack under the door, nothing. Natural moon and starlight is OK but if you have any sources of artificial light outside your home, blackout curtains are a must. This is one of many strategies for getting the best sleep possible, for a deep dive into all things sleep, Shawn Stevenson has laid out just about everything you could ever want to know in his book Sleep Smarter.

6. Avoid Toxins

You would think sleeping would be the one time you don’t have to worry about encountering potential carcinogens, but in today’s world, sadly this is not so.

Children’s pajamas and sleep sacks are both required by law to be coated in flame retardant chemicals, many of which are known carcinogens. The workaround for these are skin-tight jammies which do not have the requirement, and wool sleep sacks, as wool is naturally flame resistant.

Due to the same flame retardant laws and other manufacturing processes, both beds and crib mattresses will also off-gas harmful chemicals for years after they’re made. We use the Naturepedic No Compromises Crib Mattress for Ryder and the Spindle Natural Latex Mattress for ourselves and Channing which are both the absolute best we could find in terms of quality and price point.

Lastly, the air in your home can unfortunately be of horrendous quality with an unsettling amount of all sorts of particulates circulating, including mold and bacteria. Step one to rectifying this is open windows for circulation. During the summer our windows are wide open and the bedroom windows are still cracked during the winter. Air purifiers are the next step in making sure you’re protected. We went with many would consider to be the Cadillac of purifiers, the Alen BreatheSmart Customizable Air Purifier which utilizes both a silver imbedded HEPA filter (make sure you select the silver option if you get it) along with negative ions to purify the air and is rated for the whole house. However I know quite a few people who are very happy with the GermGuardian which uses HEPA filtration and UV light to kill germs and is considerably less expensive.

Now Go Get Some Sleep and Fight Cancer!

Follow these six steps and you can rest assured knowing you’re doing all you can to fight cancer 24 hours a day!

Reference Note: As you can tell from my articles on high dose Vitamin C, the Budwig diet, bee propolis, and others, I am very compelled to document, reference, and explain all health claims made concerning various methods to fight cancer. It is this compulsion, however, which has kept me from writing a full-length article in quite some time given everything we have going between the YouTube channel and upcoming podcast (coming 2/13/17!! Sign up for the mailing list on the homepage to be notified!), not to mention working a full time job and staying on top of Ryder’s protocol. That being said it should be noted that the intent of this article is not to “prove” any of the therapies or strategies mentioned, but rather to simply provide ideas of things to look into further for yourself ☺.