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Why Be Young (YES There is a Reason)

Ryan and Dana Young, Founder of Be Young

There are a lot of essential oils brands to choose from out there. We get asked all the time how we came to choose Be Young Total Health, as most people have not heard of them before.

The following is an excerpt from Be Young’s monthly newsletter, written by founder Dana Young. The companies that make the biggest deal out of product purity and efficacy always get our business, and it’s messages like this that keep us feeling great about this one:

“When I first launched Be Young Total Health, it would be an understatement to say that I was excited. Very excited. I was going to finally make a difference in the world of health and nutrition rather than just worrying about it. Ultimately, I launched this company because it seemed to me that network marketing industry as a whole stopped valuing the merits of a truly pure product. Adulteration of nutritional products and essential oils were becoming the norm—all in the name of a profit, rather than pursuit of a Total Health journey. For many years I observed so many “bait and switch” marketing approaches, as well as promotions that were deliberately reliant upon the ignorance of the targeted consumers.

Recently I had occasion to speak on several occasions with a top level expert in the industry of customized formulation for diet and nutrition. This expert was paid millions of dollars by a key player in the health industry to formulate products such as essential oil blends, nutritional drinks, skin care products, etc. He did so trusting that this company was going to break the cycle of adulteration and pollution of the health products and stand as a beacon of purity in an industry rife with half-truths and outright lies. Unfortunately, his work did not accomplish any of that. This expert was forced to cut ties with this large company as it came to his attention that even though he provided unadulterated formulations, this company chose to place their priority on bigger profits and as such they took all of his formulations and tweaked them, using poor quality ingredients and synthetic counterparts, ultimately watering down his original formulations to the point that the finished products were barely a shadow of his original formulations. They did so without any regard to the health and well-being of the consumer.

In stark contrast, we have Be Young Total Health. Granted, we’re not one of the flashy “big boys” companies that are out there. We’ve grown consistently in a slow and deliberate fashion in pursuit of placing all our emphasis on delivering a truly pure product in every product category we offer. Time and time again our outsource ingredient providers have attempted to convince us to increase our profit margins by using lesser quality ingredients. But we’ve never been tempted to take any of these options because we know that REAL, LIVE beating hearts and brilliant minds are the recipients of our products. Somebody’s child is going to use our products. Someone’s favorite aunt. Someone’s future true love is using our products and we want to make sure that those human relations are enhanced by their experience with our products, and never compromised in any way. Our customers trust us to never deviate from the path of pure product delivery.

Allow me to say it plainly. We will NEVER cut any corner, spare any effort or entertain any process that compromises the purity of our products. Never. Even at the cost of growing by leaps and bounds that could be accomplished if we cut enough corners and engaged in flashy advertising. We’re convinced that our reputation for the providing the purest products in the industry is the only marketing message we ever want to put out there and we believe that that message is more capable of marketing Be Young Total Health than any flashy, over-the-top advertising campaign ever will. To that end, we’ve put all of our resources into providing the best quality product possible. Yes, we’ve grown slowly, but make no mistake about it, we have grown and in spite of what everyone told me all those years ago, we’re… still… here.”

In comparing many essential oil brands, Be Young’s EOBBD Guarantee is the most comprehensive and transparent assurance of purity and efficacy we have seen to date.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Dana in the summer of 2016 for several hours and it was one of the best conversations on all things natural health and alternative medicine I’ve ever had. His knowledge of essential oils is beyond compare, and for good reason as he has literally traveled the world to study under the top experts on essential oils no matter where they may be located.

If you wish to sign up to be able to purchase Be Young essential oils, you can do it through this link or use our member number 15332 from anywhere on the site.

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