Anti-Cancer Benefits of Meditation, Mindfulness and Manifesting | Emily Fletcher & Ryan Sternagel

Emily Fletcher is a leading expert in meditation and mindfulness. She is the founder of Ziva Meditation, home of the Ziva Technique, and author of Stress Less, Accomplish More.

Ten years ago Emily Fletcher was a stressed out Broadway performer. She started going gray at 27, was sick often and suffered from insomnia.

In 2008, Emily was introduced to a powerful meditation practice that had a profound effect on her both physically and professionally. She felt inspired to share this secret with others. So she left Broadway for India to undertake three years of intense study and training. When she arrived back in the US she founded Ziva Mediation and has been helping thousands of people from all over the world improve their health and their lives ever since. 

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In This Episode:

I’m super excited to introduce you to Emily Fletcher! Emily is the person who reinspired me to get back into mediation and to stop making excuses when it came to making time in my day for such an important practice.   

During the show Emily explains her Ziva Technique which is a powerful combination of mindfulness, meditation and something called manifesting (she’ll explain it all). The benefits of Ziva include decreased stress, deeper sleep, improved immune function and increased performance. 

No matter what your situation, the value that mediation can bring to our health, healing and wellbeing is enormous – so be sure to make some time to listen to this one.

You have a cancer story that’s close to your heart…

  • Dad diagnosed with liver cancer 
  • Went to cancer centre in Tampa with positive mindset – we can fix this
  • Centre sent him home to die
  • Emily began researching nutrition to feed his body, not the cancer
  • Got Chi (gold fish) machine from Japan to keep feet moving 
  • Proton beam radiation machine 
  • Other therapies: apple pectin, Floradix, Flor-Essence 
  • Within 48 hours went from coma-like state to walking and talking 
  • Quality of life significantly improved at the end. Got to say his goodbyes

Where do you stand on free will vs destiny?

  • Not mutually exclusive. Can’t control the hand we’re deal but can influence how we play it
  • One of the pillars of the Ziva Technique is manifesting
    • Getting clear about what you want to create in your life

Ziva draws on Ayurveda as a body of wisdom – is that right?

  • This type of mediation is a trifecta of mindfulness, meditation and manifesting
  • Ayurveda is the sister science 
  • Understand the laws of nature to help you get to where you want to go 
  • Helps you to be your own doctor
  • Getting body into balance
  • Ayurveda and Ziva Mediation promote a healing environment in the body

Cancer – acute vs chronic disease. How meditation helps 

  • Cancer is an imbalance that needs to be balanced
  • We all have cancer cells but if the immune system working properly it can deal with them
  • If constantly in fight or flight mode your immune system is on the back burner
  • Stress – increases adrenaline and cortisol levels, body becomes more acidic, blood thickens, digestion slows, hormones and adrenals get out of balance, healing mechanisms shut down
  • If you need to heal you must treat stress very seriously
  • Mediation reduces stress and increases dopamine and serotonin

There is a huge amount of stress that comes with a cancer diagnosis. 

  • What if there is no such thing as a stressful situation but only stressful responses to given situations?
  • Daily mediation helps to fill the tank with tools to deal with stressful situations more calmly

With a cancer diagnosis you still have to ‘perform’ while researching treatment options, fundraising and juggling doctors appointments with life etc 

  • It’s not bad to get stressed. Problems arise when we stay stressed
  • Meditation helps you to recover
  • Stress comes from speculating – reviewing the past, predicting the future

When you’re meditating your body is performing stress relieving activities so you can do other things when you sleep

  • Meditation makes sleep more efficient
  • Insomnia happens when we use our sleep time to destress 
  • Meditate once or twice a day for stress relief so when you go to bed you fall asleep faster and your sleep is more restorative
    • Get sick less frequently
    • Intuition increases, ruminating decreases
    • Productivity improves

How is the root cause of disease, cellular memory and emotional detox tied together?

  • Mindfulness is the art of bringing awareness into the present moment – good at dealing with stress of the ‘now’
  • Meditation is about healing stresses of the past – on a cellular and epigenetic level. Allows the body to heal properly – improves brain function, sleep, sex drive, intuition

What are your thoughts on using devices like headphones, music or special glasses to get into a meditative state faster?

  • All for cheating if it works
  • It’s important to be self sufficient, not tethered to electronics 
  • We need to trust and train our bodies
  • External stimulation is not as powerful as internal stimulation
  • Mantras – mind vehicles not affirmations

Can you share some examples and stories from your students?

  • Fertility – lots of Ziva babies!
  • Helped reduce tremors in a student with Parkinson’s disease by increasing dopamine production
  • Meditation doesn’t cure cancer. It helps patients though the challenges and sets the immune system up to do its job if it has the ability to do so

Some last words

  • Often hear “I can’t clear my mind. I can’t mediate”. The mind thinks involuntarily. You can’t tell your mind to be quite, it’s a skill that must be learnt
  • Working on ZivaKIDS for 2020 
  • Our bodies know how to heal. We just need to stop eating foods that aren’t food, looking at light that isn’t light, using soil that isn’t soil.

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