There’s WHAT in Disposable Diapers?!

Please think twice before buying another package of disposable diapers!!

We preach all the time about looking at ingredient labels in food (or better yet, buy all whole vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, meats, etc. and make everything yourself), but what about the ingredients of what we put on our children’s most sensitive areas for them to wear 24/7/365?

Unfortunately diaper manufacturers aren’t required to list all of the chemicals in their products. If they, I think they’d see a drop in sales.

Let’s take a look just two of the most common chemicals in plastic diapers. Keep in mind the skin is just as capable of absorbing toxins as it is expelling them. And unlike unwanted ingredients in food, the body does not even have the digestive system as a first line of defense. Most of these chemicals will make their way straight into the blood stream.

From Dioxins and sodium polyacrylate, two of the chemicals found in disposable diapers, have either been linked to or have caused the following toxic responses: cancer, reproductive & infertility problems, asthma & respiratory distress, hormonal problems, developmental & cognitive problems, suppressed immune system, diabetes, endometriosis, allergic reactions, chemical burns, Chloracne, and Toxic Shock Syndrome (in the use of tampons).

That’s just two!! It doesn’t take long clicking around to find dozens of others, including heavy metals. Why expose your kids to these when there is a much better way – not only in terms of health but cost savings as well!

We’ve been using cloth diapers on our daughter Channing and are never going back! Not only are they completely chemical free, but they’ve saved a TON of money!!!!! For a couple hundred bucks up front cost, we’ve completely eliminated buying pack after pack of disposable diapers… And the best part is they’re just about as easy! The cloth diapers of today consist of easy snaps and Velcro as opposed to the safety pins and complicated wrapping procedure we had pictured!

We’ve all the top cloth diaper brands at this point, and while they all have their plusses and minuses, Thirsties seem to keep her dry the longest and are super easy to put on!

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