Deodorant the Non-Toxic Way – How to Make and Buy SAFE and EFFECTIVE Deodorant!

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Avoid Toxic Compounds in Deodorant!

Does rubbing harmful and possibly carcinogenic chemicals and compounds such as parabens, aluminum compounds, silica, phthalates, triclosan, talc, propylene glycol, steareth, triethanolamine, diethanolamine, and artificial colors every day for the rest of your life sound like a good idea? No?? Then I hope you’re using a non toxic deodorant and not those found on most store shelves!

Personal care products such as deodorant are a huge factor in maintaining a healthy and non-toxic lifestyle. You can be eating organic and using safe cleaning products but if you’re continually rubbing chemicals into your or your child’s skin, you’re certainly not helping the cause to say the least. Some say taking in chemicals this way is even worse than ingesting them on food as they go straight into the bloodstream rather than at least having the filter of the digestive system.

Reducing toxic load is crucial in avoiding cancer, and absolutely imperative in trying to reverse it. The negative epigenetic changes, suppressed immune system, and energy used trying to deal with these toxins that would otherwise be used for restoration can all be either the match that starts or added fuel to the cancer fire.

How to Buy a Great Non Toxic Deodorant

Fortunately not all personal care products for sale such as deodorant have these harmful chemicals in them, you just have to know where to look. The Environmental Working Group has made it easy with their Skin Deep Guide which is continually evaluating and rating the safety of just about every personal care product on the market. So finding a non toxic deodorant, toothpaste, etc. to buy couldn’t be easier. I also like searching terms like non toxic deodorant on Amazon and checking what I find that looks good against the guide.

We’re also always adding to the Healthy Lifestyle section of our What We Use tab with everything from our favorite personal care products to baby gear to cooking equipment! This whole tab is continuously evolving between the supplements, essential oils, equipment, and healthy lifestyle sections every time we find something new we like to use so check back often for inspiration.

Why to Make Your Own Non Toxic Deodorant

Though there are plenty of great, safe non toxic deodorants on the market, more and more we’re leaning towards making our own personal care products whenever possible. It saves a ton of money as most ingredients are items sitting around the house anyway, we know exactly what’s in it, and we avoid plastic packaging which is good for us and the environment!

I’ve tried a few different recipes and this coconut oil version below is by far my favorite. It’s very easy, keeps me smelling great all day, and although it’s not an antiperspirant by any means it even seems to absorb sweat. Note: antiperspirants are just as dangerous if not even more than the chemicals usually associated with them. Blocking a natural bodily process is NEVER a good idea and will ALWAYS have unintended consequences.

How to Make Your Own Non Toxic Deodorant

It’s easy! To get started you will need:


  • Mix the corn starch and baking soda together in a medium size bowl.
  • Mash together with the coconut oil using a fork.
  • If the coconut oil is really hard heat it up first on the stove just enough to soften but not melt.
  • Mix in essential oil until it smells just right!
  • Spoon into a small jar for storage and use.

That’s it! After your contrast shower tomorrow morning just take a small dab of your awesome new non toxic deodorant on your fingertip, rub it into your pits and you’re good to go!

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