Energy Healing, Biofield Healing Immersion, Reiki, | Debora Wayne & Ryan Sternagel

Debora has always been sensitive to energy and vibrations. She was aware at a deep level of the information that passes through color, light, sound and energy. Major health issues led Debora to look for new skills and tools to rebuild her health. Through meditation she discovered energy healing, life force and intuition.

After this, Debora’s life changed. She had found her calling and went on to become a qualified energy healer and Reiki Master.

Debora is founder and director of The Biofield Healing Institute and her expertise is helping people all over the world to address the hidden causes of their health issues.

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In This Episode:

Teddy and I have seen first hand the powerful effects of Debora’s Biofield Healing Immersion method when she treated our son Ryder. Ever since I’ve wanted to do a segment on energy healing. Debora doesn’t disappoint, and there’s a special surprise at the end that even I didn’t know about!

We start by uncovering what energy healing really is and how Debora got into this area before moving on to energy healing for cancer and the different techniques available. 

Debora surprised me when she offered to do a mini Biofield Healing Immersion session for listeners to wrap things up. Yes – the healing vibrations can be received just by listening – you don’t have to be there in person to get the benefits! 

When we talk about energy medicine do we need a different mindset?

  • Thoughts and emotions release chemicals and effect our nervous and immune systems
  • Our energy field is based on understanding physics – light, energy, vibrations
  • We have everything within us to heal. We need to be taught how

What is ‘spirit’?

  • Spirituality and energy are different words the same concept

How does our inner environment influence our outer reality?

  • Inner = thoughts, emotions and energy
  • Negative emotions and feelings release chemicals
  • Choices become habits, habits become patterns
  • Our bodies are a physical expression of our inner feelings and emotions
  • Earlier tramas are relived as symptoms

Dr Lipton did extensive work on how thoughts and emotions manifest physically 

  • Thoughts and emotions Influence blood chemistry and cellular membranes 
  • Studies on stem cells and how their environment influences how they express themselves. We are no different – our environments impact us mentally, physically, emotionally

Intuition – are the answers within us?

  • Feelings are so important. Gut reaction, instincts, coincidence, nagging thoughts are clues 
  • We are not taught to cultivate our intuitive sense
  • Intuition is a knowing. Often we let logic override our intuitive side or natural instincts

What is cancer from an energetic perspective?

  • All disease is a vibrational pattern that indicates disturbances in our energy field
  • By giving it a name or label we start to believe in it and give it power
  • We need to interrupt the pattern and restore harmony to the field

How important are physical toxicity and the toxic threshold?

  • Everything is energy. Everything that we are exposed to – fumes, chemicals etc has a different vibration
  • Our energy fields ‘collect’ these vibrations from our environment
  • Fastest way to clean out our energy field is by raising our vibrations through working energetically in our energy field
    • Results can be experienced very quickly, even instantaneous
    • ‘21st Century high speed healing tools’
  • Minimise negative vibrations by continuously learn how to find and release them

Are all energetic healing methods the same? Reiki, emotion code, healing code, quantum touch etc all the same things?

  • Debora is a reiki master. Now uses Biofield Healing Immersion
  • All methods have different techniques 
  • Biofield Healing Immersion (BHI) is not a technique, it’s about accessing a state of consciousness
    • Trains people to access galactic wave lengths (high vibrational frequencies)
    • GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) Device that illustrates energy fields around the body showed a 51% increase in energy and decrease in pain symptoms in one of Debora’s BHI sessions
    • Stage 4 breast cancer patient declared cancer free within a month of working with Debora using BHI
    • Debora has used many other techniques but has never seen these results before

Ryan, Teddy and Ryder’s energy work with Debora

  • Ryder complained of a cold sensation in his lower back where his tumor was
  • After working with Debora he stopped complaining of a cold back
  • Children are more in touch with how they feel. We don’t always know how to interpret these feelings
  • BHI helps achieve a deeper meditative state – a self healing, parasympathetic state
  • Improvements in Ryder’s cognitive ability, comprehension and speech
  • Patients who combine BHI and chemo report improved energy, decreased pain and more energy

Can the healing vibrations be transmitted by recording?

  • Yes. Debora does a short BHI session for listeners
  • Be safe: no driving, operating machinery etc. Make sure you are sitting down in a safe place
  • If you feel pressure on temples or even nausea this is a sign the vibrations are being absorbed
  • Helps to calm the mind
  • Fall into meditative state very quickly

The day of Biofield Healing Immersion

  • A group healing event Debora is running
  • BHI sessions plus healing information and insights
  • 50% off tuition fees for podcast listeners

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