Cancer Is a Fungus, Cancer Is a Frequency: Dr. Darrell Wolfe

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The Stern Method Podcast Episode 004

The Doc of Detox, Dr. Darrell Wolfe lays down some core principles of true health and true change absolutely necessary to the effective and lasting healing of cancer that we probably didn’t even know we needed to work on.

In This Episode

  • Dr. Darrell Wolfe goes into the notion that all of us need to be the masters of our own body rather than continually going to these practitioners who are only trained to treat, otherwise we’re always going to be in need of treatment of some sort. This goes for the natural side just as much as the conventional side.
  • Dr. Wolfe spent a lot of time on the idea that self-love comes before all else as the only prerequisite to true healing and expanding out from that how pure selflessness which we hear so much good stuff about these days can really be a fast track to disease
  • How cancer clinics can be valuable but the only thing that comes home with you is your belief system and without a good one the rest of it will not have any kind of lasting effect
  • How belief systems tie into cancer and how to cultivate the best possible systems in our families
  • How all of this ties back to frequency AND how frequency ties into the physical and measurable indicators of health
  • Two of Dr. Darrell Wolfe’s signature assertions on cancer: cancer is a fungus and cancer is a frequency
  • And a nice geek out session on structured water to top it off

How Dr. Wolfe’s Concepts of Self-Love, Frequency, & Structured Water Apply to Cancer

The concept of self-love being so important can be a tough one for parents of kids going through cancer to try and apply to their situation. “Why in the world would I think for one second about ‘loving myself’ when my kid has cancer?? That sounds like the most selfish thing in the world!!”

Of Course I’m Going to Sacrifice Myself for My Kid… Right?

On the surface Teddy and I would agree, and that’s certainly the attitude we took for the first couple years going down this road. Every ounce of ourselves and our resources were poured into Ryder and that was that. No two ways about it.

While I remain very proud of what we’ve managed to accomplish, I do think there’s a more sophisticated approach to be had.  I can tell you that if I could go back and change one fundamental thing about the way I went about caring for my son it likely would be to treat myself much better in the process because I can see now that however you want to look at it, there’s no arguing that it would have resulted in an even better environment for him and a more positive energy surrounding him at all times.

While this is the ONE big thing I would change, it’s certainly not the only thing I would change at all knowing what we know now.  This is why we offer our coaching services to get you up to speed in a much shorter amount of time than we did.

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What If You CAN Have It Both Ways?

Dr. Darrell Wolfe also made the point that the more love you grow within you the more there is available for others, that at some point it’s just radiating out of you for anyone around you, namely your child in this case, to benefit from.

Considering the long term, if we’d had a bit more love for ourselves throughout the process then we might be in a little better condition than we are today. For two years we took the position that even mentioning the cost of a treatment or supplement or we were evaluating for him was basically a sin.

Today, while Ryder is healthy and thriving which is of course what is most important, we’re also in a very precarious financial situation to put it mildly. While we’re at peace with it and know that everything will be alright in the long run, it’s also frustrating not being able to get everything we want for our children, especially for Ryder as he grows older and is able to experience more and more.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not necessarily saying that I would have opted to not do any of the things we did for him if I could change it. I do think though that just with a mindset that was something different than the hyper selfless dogma of though shalt not consider money, things would be at least a bit different than they are today.

What’s Best for You Is What’s Best for Your Kid

We both have our own minor but notable all the same health issues that have gone unaddressed throughout the whole process. Knowing what we know I don’t think they would be all that difficult to turn around and now, as I told Dr. Wolfe in the interview, we are starting to circle back and address them. But it’s still not the easiest thing for us to do after being stuck in this mindset for so long. Bringing it back to self-love is the best for everybody, your kids should have the healthiest parents possible for a variety of fairly obvious reasons.

I could go on there, but I think you probably get the gist. When I compare our approach to JJ Virgin’s story in her book The Miracle Mindset, how when her son was in the hospital hanging on to life by a thread from being on foot and hit by a car, JJ was doing sprints up the hospital stairs and getting all of the sleep she needed because she knew she had to be on her game for her son… and how she continued full steam ahead on the book launch she was just starting because she knew financially that she was going to need a ton of resources to get him back where he needed to be… I think the choice between which approach is best should be fairly obvious.

The Frequency of Children

Tying the raising of frequencies more directly to children – at first a lot of it might seem inapplicable, but as with everything you’d be surprised what you can make work if you put your mind to it.

Recently at The Best Answer For Cancer Conference I met a lady who was really into energy in the context of healing who I’ve since learned a whole lot from. One little “trick” she taught me was if you’re feeling down or tired or whatever, to just put your hand on your forehead, and say to yourself “I’m going to take three deep breaths, and on the third breath I will feel great and have a renewed source of energy…” or something like that.

One day shortly after I got back Teddy was having trouble getting Ryder to go down for a nap, so I went in there and told him to put his hand on his forehead and say something about on the third breath he’s going to be relaxed and ready to take a nap. He did it and that was the last we heard from him. Now he insists on doing his little breathing and intention exercise before he goes to bed and is starting to do use it in other situations as well!

Structured Water Is Too Easy NOT to Do!

He also now insists that his water is structured. ☺ Especially in dealing with kids I’m always on the lookout for something that can potentially give me a very big bang for the buck AND be easy to administer / talk your kid into doing. They’re going to drink water anyways, so it might as well be high frequency water.

Structured Water

More Takeaways

I went into this interview with Dr. Wolfe hoping to pick his brain on how frequency can be better explained in terms of how it affects us and our health and maybe touch on some of this “love yourself” stuff and came out with what could probably be described the start of a whole new chapter in my understanding what it means to be truly healthy.

Stuck in Treatment

If we keep going to those whose entire training and understanding of health revolves around treatment, how do we expect ourselves to ever get independently healthy and no never again in need of treatment? This is a concept that takes a minute to wrap your mind around, but it starts to make a lot of sense. This is not just a knock on conventional doctors but on most naturopathic and other naturally oriented practitioners as well.

True doctors should be teachers whose ultimate goal is to graduate their patients altogether instead of seeing them again year after year. Dr. Wolfe made the comparison to chiropractors which I’ve often thought of myself. If you keep having to go back and see them all the time then whatever they’re doing isn’t really helping, is it? We must be the masters of our own bodies.

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What If We Could Create Our Own Health Outcomes?

Speaking of long term outcomes, the long term sick patient is the one who is continually focusing on their sickness to the point of identifying with it. If you do this long enough and your start to see this thing as a part of who you are then expecting to ever heal from it can seem further and further away.

The Doc tells us that the belief system that will put a rocket on your back in your quest to heal is such that you and only you are the creator of your life. You’ve created your way to this point, and you also get to decide what you’re going to create from here and where and how you’re going to do it.

And along with the realization you are the creator (who was sent here by your creator to create!), Dr. Wolfe really drove home the fact that true love for yourself is the only way you can truly expect to have a healthy let alone happy life. This in addition to the assertion that the amount of love you have for yourself is basically directly correlated with your eventual outcomes.

Selflessness Isn’t All It’s Cracked up to Be

On the flipside, complete selflessness can lead to disease. If we keep giving and giving more and more of ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually without a thought to what it is that we need then what do we expect to happen?

Darrell makes the point that a bad belief system of low self-worth is what drives people into conventional treatments without even a thought of how the might protect themselves from the damage. You don’t have control of what belief system you get born into and raised in, but it’s absolutely on you at some point to take a step back and figure out wat is helping and what is hurting and to fix what needs fixing.

Love Yourself Enough to Treat Yourself Well

The only way you can really expect to stick to any type of health regimen whether it be therapeutic or preventative is to have enough love for yourself to want to do it. To that end, whether you’re coming home from a pure alternative cancer clinic or a hospital, the only thing that is coming home with you is your system of beliefs. All of the help and machines and closets full of therapeutic agents will not be.

No one’s going to do any of it for you. You have to be the hero of your own story.

If you truly honored yourself and followed these principles, how much need would you have for many of the large organizations in modern society upon which you currently rely? Not much, which is why many of them put so much effort into making sure you don’t start thinking like this.

The Frequency of Health

Of course, it wouldn’t be a true conversation about health with Dr. Darrell Wolfe without diving into the topic of frequency, so we went there too.

Now I do get frustrated sometimes when I hear someone talking about “raising your vibration” when they’re clearly only trying to sell a product or make themselves sound like they’re some guru on a different level of understanding than everyone else and really has no clue what they’re talking about. That being said it’s pretty well accepted scientifically that when you break all of this down far enough there’s very little if any of what we would traditionally consider to be physical matter. It’s all just energy and that energy is vibrating at varying levels of frequency.

Something we would consider to be vibrant, thriving and full of life is the kind of thing you will find vibrating overall at a very high frequency. Something very sluggish, unhealthy and even close to death will be vibrating overall at a very low frequency.

These frequencies of vibration then translate into measurable health indicators such as the pH of our blood, our balance of good bacteria to bad and susceptibility for infection, and so on.

The Frequency of Disease

If you’re a low frequency person you’ll be drawn to low frequency foods, think more low frequency thoughts and attract other low frequency people, and vice versa.

Also if you’re operating a low frequency according to Dr. Wolfe, it doesn’t matter how many worm and parasite cleanses you do or attempts you make at lowering and balancing the “bad” bacteria in your gut and elsewhere, as these things themselves are low frequency and that’s what they’re drawn to. In his book Healthy to 100 Darrell elaborates on this concept and explains that these things aren’t necessarily bad or evil per se, they’re just carrying out their role in nature.

When something dies its body needs to be broken down and recycled and its frequency goes to zero which is what lets these organisms know it’s time to do their job. This is why someone operating at a very low frequency will continue to be plagued with these things. They’re hanging around because they think it’s almost time to do what they’re supposed to do.

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Frequency


By the way, Bruce Lipton has definitively proven and written about a lot of this stuff in his book The Biology of Belief. In it he shows how the type of thoughts you have can affect your pH levels and even the way your genes are expressed (the field of epigenetics).

The most important takeaway from the book and the point that Dr. Wolfe drives home is that none of this is static or set in stone. If you want it bad enough and consciously and continually make the change to take in only high frequency food, water and supplements, thing only high frequency thoughts, and surround yourself with only high frequency people, you will indeed begin to “raise your vibration.”

And the nice part is even if this is all woo-woo, either way doing what I just described will undoubtedly still have an enormously positive impact on your life no matter what the actual mechanism is. ☺

The Frequency of Cancer

Light also has its own energy and frequency and is obviously vital to all life on earth. Dr. Darrell Wolfe ties this all back to cancer and his statement that “cancer is a fungus” with the analogy that you don’t find much light in a cave, but what you do find is a lot of mold. I’d like to dive deeper into this with him at some point because when I asked him about mitochondrial function and epigenetics and so forth, he said that it all plays a role and there are a lot of dominos to fall when it comes to cancer.

Speaking of supplements, Dr. Wolfe makes the assertion that after you take a supplement and makes its way through your digestive system and back out of you, the only thing that remains after it’s gone is the quality of energy it provided you. So starting to think in terms of energy when it comes to these things can ultimately be very helpful. I know that The Synergy Company for instance uses Kirlian photography in the production of their supplements to ensure the greatest “life force.”

High Frequency Water

Structured Water

Lastly we got into the concept of structured water and how it carries the highest levels of energy. I’ve heard a lot of really good explanations on this lately from a lot of people I have very high regard for when it comes to their scientific analysis so it had already been on my mind. The basic concept is that water that’s been running through a river or stream, the way you would find and drink it in nature, is structured differently at a molecular level than water that has been sitting been through all sorts of treatments facilities and sitting more or less stagnant for long periods of time in pipes.

Structured water carries with it a higher level of energy and in the context of the rest of this conversation will therefore be much more “life giving” to drink. This conversation was the tipping point for me so I went ahead and picked up the Natural Action Structuring Unit he mentioned and there really is quite a notable difference with the water that has been run through one of these. I don’t have the means to test the water energetically but just from observation the water feels much “lighter” going down and like it’s being absorbed much more easily than unstructured water which now feels “heavy” to me.

I think that will do it for today. Stay tuned for next week’s episode with Dr. Veronique Desaulniers where we’ll be going over her seven essentials to healing cancer naturally and busting breast cancer myths! Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and YouTube so you never miss an episode!

God Bless, and Godspeed

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