Coaching for Cancer Navigation

From our first hand experience navigating the often overwhelming terrain of integrative cancer care for kids, we have created our own “coaching” program to give parents the kind of support they need to work through the many layers of a cancer diagnosis.

Our monthly program includes an in depth introduction call and UNLIMITED support for an entire month. 

You can cancel at anytime or continue for as long as you need us by your side.

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What actual PARENTS are saying about our coaching program

“Ryan & Teddy, we thank and praise God for you as our cancer coach!!!! We never knew there was a such thing as a cancer coach until we came across Just like a professional athlete, a professional singer & a CEO all have coaches, it was a no brainer for us to acquire you as our cancer coach once we were informed, & what a blessing it has been. We now have a detailed schedule in place, a Naturopathic doctor and connection to other sponsors all because of you. You guys are truly the best, & we highly recommend you to anyone that is in search of answers & clarity. God bless & continue to cure cancer!!!!”

– Eli & Kelley

“Words can not explain how valuable the coaching from Ryan and teddy has been.
You guys have given us the self confidence and strength to believe even more in what we already believed in and with it came the courage to question things that are so far away from everything that we believe in.
The amount of work and love you’ve put in to your coaching program is overwhelming. You are changing the world and we want to be a part of it and spread the knowledege and help other parents! Forever thankful!”


“I came across Ryder, Teddy, and Ryan at The Stern Method some number of months ago. My son was about 14 months cancer free at the time, and I felt confident in what I was doing for him naturally (during & following the extensive western treatment he’s received) to keep him cancer free. A few short weeks ago, I learned my son relapsed, and needless to say, we were devastated. I thought I was doing the right things to cover all of our bases; so how did we end up in this place?? What was I missing?? I immediately reached out to the The Stern Method crew, and I am so, SO incredibly grateful I did. Their support & guidance have truly been invaluable for me during this time. Knowing that they have walked/are walking this journey with their young child, as well, immediately put my mind at ease. They get it. They care. And, they are great listeners. Which is always nice!! And, they are not at all dogmatic, as I have also seen is very possible in the cancer world. They understand that what might be a viable option for one person, might not be a viable option for another, and that with children, western treatment isn’t really an option. We then started with the basics; epigenetics, mitochondrial function, diet, supplements, equipment, and how to do a proper search (on a PROPER search engine. Hint… it isn’t Google?), etc. It is extremely difficult to balance the research, the daily routines, and the cancer healing protocols, and they help you to figure that out. As you already know, the information of The Stern Method is spot on! Their cancer coaching just takes it up a notch (or 10). I would WHOLE HEARTEDLY recommend anyone, but especially anyone with a child, navigating this cancer world to reach out to Teddy & Ryan.”

– Brittany Quarles

What the EXPERTS are saying about our coaching program

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers“There can be no greater devastating news than a Stage 4 cancer diagnosis for your child. Teddy and Ryan have been through the journey and have researched what worked for their son. They are both such loving and caring people and want to support other families that may be faced with tragic news about your child. If you are feeling overwhelmed and in need of guidance and direction, Teddy and Ryan can provide hope.”

– Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, DC
Breast Cancer Conqueror
Author of #1 Bestseller Healing Breast Cancer Naturally

Dr. Anderson“I have known and worked with the Sternagel’s since the early days of Ryder’s diagnosis. I have found them to not only be incredibly well informed about the process of pediatric cancer care but also compassionate and genuinely helpful.”

– Dr. Paul Anderson
Consult Doctor A.
Advanced Medical Therapies
Author of Outside the Box Cancer Therapies


Sign up now for a free 15 minute introduction call.

Before opting for this opportunity we want to make clear what it is, and what it is not.

First and foremost we cannot offer any sort of individualized protocol, and while a lot of reasoning and logic goes into everything we do for Ryder, we do not have any sort of standardized protocol to give you either. This is what medical and naturopathic doctors are for, and the very first thing we’ll suggest if we do talk is to get yourself a really good one of each. We can tell you everything we know about how to find one.

That being said, more of what we can do is…

  • Tell you exactly how we would go about empowering ourselves if we were in your situation.
  • We’ve been there and can help you shortcut the maze more efficiently than finding your way through it on your own.
  • We can talk about the framework we use in laying out our plan for Ryder to make sure all of our bases are covered.
  • How we do research and formulate a plan specific to our situation.
  • How we make sure to nail that plan day in and day out.
  • Fundraising and how to afford it all.
  • Sorting through conflicting information you get from the hospital versus the naturopath versus the internet.
  • Staying strong emotionally so you can be the most effective for yourself or the one you’re caring for.
  • Living the healthiest, most nontoxic and anticancer lifestyle possible.
  • Tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way for making all of this work with children.

And so on.

If you feel this is the type of support you and your child will benefit from, sign up for a FREE 15 minute intro call.