Cancer Podcast Has Launched!!

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The Stern Method Podcast Episode 000 – About The Stern Method: Ryan Sternagel

The The Stern Method Podcast is live on iTunes and YouTube as of today!! Finally, a podcast dedicated entirely to natural and integrative strategies to heal from cancer is here!

Available episodes:

000: About The Stern Method: Ryan Sternagel
001: Square One for Cancer Patients: Chris Wark
002: From Stage Four to No More: Ryan & Caroline Luelf

New episodes will air every Monday on iTunes, Stitcher (coming soon) and YouTube. And for our launch celebration over the next two weeks we’ll be releasing another new episode this Wednesday as well!

Upcoming special guests include Dr. Robert Scott Bell, Dr. Eric Zielinski, Dr. Thomas Seyfried, Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, Dr. Darrell Wolfe, Dr. Nasha Winters, Travis Christofferson author of “Tripping over the Truth”, John and Corinne Malanca of United Patients Group, Dr. David Jockers, and Jenny Hrbaceck author of “Cancer Free! Are you Sure?

About The The Stern Method Podcast

The Stern Method explores all integrative, alternative, and natural means of healing cancer and creating true health, for the young and old. Topics such as the metabolic theory of cancer, epigenetics, the microbial connection to cancer, boosting the immune system, mitigating side effects of conventional cancer treatments, detoxification techniques, oxygen’s role in preventing and reversing cancer, anticancer nutrition, the latest in institutional cancer research, energy medicine and energy healing, the emotional and spiritual health needed to truly heal from cancer, how to choose oncologists that are right for you, and so much more are explored with a new expert every week!

As every good health measure is an anti-cancer measure we’ll also zoom out and look at ways to set your lifestyle up to create true and lasting health such as everything from avoiding environmental toxins, to what labs and tests to get to evaluate and monitor your health status, to reconnecting with nature, to developing a sense of purpose.

This is first and foremost a podcast for people going through cancer, by people going through cancer. So as we explore each of these topics the emphasis will always be on how we can practically implement the information learned into our own lives and healing journeys. This also means we’ll talk about things such as how to afford cancer treatment, how to create and stick to your own anticancer protocol, how to be the best cancer caregiver or advocate you can be, and all of the additional unknowns that come along with being a cancer parent dealing with cancer. As just about every other person will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives as it stands currently this information is invaluable in helping those of us currently cancer free beat the odds and stay that way as well. Given the caliber of experts and diverse range of topics covered this is also a place where clinicians and healing practitioners of all modalities can come to stay up on the latest research and add new tools to their toolkit, ensuring the most comprehensive level of care possible for their patients and clients.

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About Ryan Sternagel and The Stern Method

Host Ryan Sternagel and his wife Teddy were an everyday couple before May of 2014 when their son Ryder was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma, a cancer of the nervous system, eleven days before his first birthday. Ryder had a tumor larger than his kidney inside of and growing out of his spinal canal that was threatening to paralyze him at any moment, two secondary tumors, and metastasis to the bones.

Ryan and Teddy immediately dove into all the research and information they could get their hands on – spending hours a day combing through studies, reading books, listening to podcasts and watching documentaries, alongside consulting with countless practitioners and health experts around the world. Through utilizing a research-based integrative protocol Ryder not only survived but ended up receiving far less conventional treatment than the standard of care dictated for his diagnosis and The Sternagels have maintained a rigorous all natural regimen ever since.

Early on they began posting about all that they were doing on their fundraising Facebook page, Fighting for Ryder. Questions and comments began pouring in which led to their website, The Stern Method along with the The Stern Method Facebook page and YouTube Channel where they continue writing and making videos about their research and how they implement all of it into their daily routine, along with posting expert interviews from the podcast and along with those conducted in person at the various health and cancer conferences Ryan attends to keep up on the latest research.

See you on the show!!

God Bless, and Godspeed.

Ryan & Teddy